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Iso3166TwoLetterCode() and Country() Extensions returning NULL

first post: Shmoogems wrote: Hi, We have recently noticed some NULL returns when calling the I...

latest post: almoujtahed wrote: Thanx a lot, this patch is what I needed !!!

Current IPAddress CSV file?

first post: developerz wrote: Great job on the IPAddressExtensions!  It's really nice and easy to...

latest post: hblackorby wrote: The CSV file is based on this organization: http://software77.net/...

I made some modifications

first post: shayja wrote: I made some modifications : 1. Changed the list type to List inste...

Which compression method to use?

first post: purekrome wrote: To improve the memory allocation, the embedded resource geospatial ...

latest post: purekrome wrote: I didn't know this, but the core .NET library contains support for ...

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